GHL Growth Tools has been an essential tool when it comes to automating tasks for GHL within Make. Scott is extremely responsive and has dedicated so many hours to ensuring basically everything can be automated with Make and GHL Growth Tools. If you are looking for a way to supercharge your ability to automate all the things you do inside GHL, you need GHL Growth Tools.

The most comprehensive GHL Integration Tool for Zapier and Make

Zach Rucker
GCL Company LLC - Boynton Beach, FL

Forget about other half a$$ softwares to help you grow your GHL agency or account. Hands down the best money making decision we ever made, GHL Growth Tools and their Make intergration is like having a GHL agency on steroids.

Best GHL integration

Carlos Adell
Kayros Consulting - Paralimni, Famagusta - Cyprus

Scott’s GHL growth tools is a must have if you’re working with GHL integrations in Make. He’s done a great job of providing all the latest API endpoints. if there’s any issues, he’s there to help us newbies resolve them. Thanks Scott for a great product.

Must have for GHL integrations

Eli Rozen
Destin Water Adventures Llc - Fort Walton Beach, FL

I recently explored GHL Growth Tools app and was thoroughly impressed by Scott's deep understanding of HighLevel and its API functionalities. His expertise shines through in the app, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to integrate HighLevel with Make or Zapier. Scott's patient, supportive approach ensures users feel guided every step of the way, whether they're new to automation or looking to refine their processes. For anyone seeking to enhance their workflow efficiency, I highly recommend GHL Growth Tools. Scott and his team's dedication to providing top-notch support and continuous updates makes this app a standout choice.

Expert Guidance and Exceptional Support

Philippe LeCoutre
DataQuantics - Bali, Indonesia

This app is a game-changer! I've tried many others, but nothing compares. It's always up-to-date and always evolving.

Blown Away!

Rupert Samuel
Level Up Marketplace - Bath, Somerset England

GHL Growth Tools has been absolutely game changing for our company! The app has everything you need to make easy plug and play automations and unlock so much more within GHL. More importantly, huge kudos to Scott and his team. They’ve been tremendously helpful with onboarding, support and any questions we had during the set up.

Absolute Game Changer

Hamza Abdallah
Cata Leads - Aubrey, TX

Great app and makes it easy. Scott and his team are the best. There are a few othe apps out there but non compare to this one.


Glenn Wasserman
1 Customer Plus - Allentown, PA

Super impressed with the GHL Growth Tools High Level Integromat integration.  This build has EVERYTHING you need to supercharge your Highlevel and we can now automate any portion of the Highlevel platform.  So worth the money!


Stephen Edwards
Aamp Agency - Las Vegas, NV