Connects High Level to Integromat

Everything you need to easily connect  over 700 apps
to your Go High Level locations. Built by a certified Integromat parnter and fluent Go High Level user.

Automate all your High Level processes

With over 90 custom actions and search modules users can connect to
any High Level api endpoint available with ease.

WebhookNew leads1GHLCreate contact1GHLCreate Opportunity1GHLAdd contact to workflow1

Create/Update Contact

Create a new contact or update an existing contact.


Add Contact to Workflow

Adds a contact to a workflow.


Add Contact To Campaign

Adds a contact to a campaign.


Add Tags to Contact

Ads a tag or multiple tags to a contact.


Create a Task

Creates a task for a contact.


Create an Appointment

Creates an appointment.

What others have to say

See what other agencies have to say about our High Level Integromat connector.

GHL Growth Tools has been absolutely game changing for our company! The app has everything you need to make easy plug and play automations and unlock so much more within GHL. More importantly, huge kudos to Scott and his team. They’ve been tremendously helpful with onboarding, support and any questions we had during the set up.

Absolute Game Changer

Hamza Abdallah
Cata Leads - Aubrey, TX

Great app and makes it easy. Scott and his team are the best. There are a few othe apps out there but non compare to this one.


Glenn Wasserman
1 Customer Plus - Allentown, PA

Super impressed with the GHL Growth Tools High Level Integromat integration.  This build has EVERYTHING you need to supercharge your Highlevel and we can now automate any portion of the Highlevel platform.  So worth the money!


Stephen Edwards
Aamp Agency - Las Vegas, NV

This app makes our integration with Follow up Boss and GHL a breeze. We moved from using Zapier to the GHL Growth Tools Integromat connector and never looked back. Highly recomend!!


Wade Lester
The Real Estate Guy - Atlanta, GA

 With its easy integration process and reasonable pricing structure, our team has managed to automate much more work without any issues or bugs!


Bernard Vendresha
New York, NY

Simple, transparent plans

Wee bundle our licneses for agencies just startiung out with a handful of clients to more established agenies needing several licenses. Either way, you'l recieve one master license key for all your locations. Get started for Free adn upgrade at any time.


1 GHL Location Connection




Unlimited Location Connections




5 GHL Location Connections



Note: A connection consist of one of your GHL locations connected to our Integromat GHL connector app. If you have an agency API key from GHL and want to connect to agency only endpoints with our app, that will also count as a connection.

Not A Go High Level Member Yet?

Sign up for a Go High Level paid plan through our affialiate link and get the Integromat Go High Level connector app for FREE.  Just contact us at [email protected] after signing up  to GHL through our our affliliate link here.


Most frequent questions and answers

The High Level Zapier app has just 7 actions and triggers. We’ve built in the entire High Level API with over 95 actions and triggers.

Integromats version of the HL app has just 19 endpoints/modules. We’ve built in the entire HL api with over 90 endpoints and counting and structered in a way to save you oerations.

When High Level ads to their api we are the first to ad those endpoints to our custom app. We’re also in direct contact with HL deveopment team working out any bugs and making suggestions that will endable users to expand their automations.

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime as needed. We will prorate your account accordingly.

Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Just cancel your subscription before they 30 days and contact us requesting a refund.

No, we are an agency that uses high level. After using a few different apps, we saw a need to build our own through the Integromat platform and decided to offer it to other agencies to help automate their processes with High Level.

Sure, you will receive one master license key. Your account will specify the subscription you purchased.  A 5 license purchase will allow you to connect 5 of your location in High Level with our connector in Integromat.

For SAAS users who have an agency API key which allows you to create locations and load snapshots though the API, this would also count as one connection.

When you purchase and account will automatically be created for you at

You will receive an email with your master license key, your login info, and a link to add our app to your library in integromat.

GHL Integromat Connector

We work closely with the Go High Level development team to assure we have all the latest API enhancements while reporting any bugs we find. You’ll always have the most up to date intuitive app for all your High Level integrations.